Saturday, August 5, 2006

The First Post

Well, I finally decided to create my own blog. It seems that it's the thing to do these days. Everyone who's on line is bloggin and IMing, so I figured I'd step into cyberspace with a blog of my own.

Random thoughts that cross my mind on occassion and perhaps bits of short stories that seem to force their way out of my imagination on a regular basis are probably what you'll see here. No doubt there will be comments of my family life, since I am the mother to three VERY individual boys. Sometimes I may comment on the collection of automobiles that we own and show. I will most definitely comment on the cars that I wish I owned. Hey, a girl has a right to dream, right? Not sure if I'll post anything about my Tupperware business or not, but then, now I have, so it's out there.

We'll see if anyone finds my writing interesting enough to bother to read. I've never understood people's interest in the personal thoughts of others, but then, I have way too many things to do trying to figure out my three sons and their father. They keep me relatively well occupied with their needs, wants, etc.

Anyway, welcome to my blog. I hope it amuses, entertains, educates, interests, and/or enlightens you.

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