Thursday, March 8, 2007

New Book Releases

Ah, the air has a certain scent to it now. Even with some occasional snow flakes buffeting about, the new books are being released for Spring. It is the unmistakable scent of newly printed paperback and hardback books. I am already scooping up my favorite authors' newest offerings, and I am trying to find new and inventive ways to read their books while doing my daily routines. Otherwise, I read and nothing gets done.

"Lover Revealed" by J.R.Ward’ has finally come out and I am over half way through it. I could have finished it already, but I'm trying very hard to stretch it out. I found her "Black Dagger Brotherhood" series with the first installment of "Dark Lover". I was hooked with the first page and bought the book full price, usually I least have a coupon. My book budget can't take buying full price books often.

I am enjoying "Lover Revealed" more than I thought I would, given the lead characters. They seemed nice enough when they were introduced in earlier books, but I really didn't care about their story. Now I care. Now I'm hooked. Now I'm even a little obsessed about them and how their romance will turn out. It's sad, but true, I get completely involved in the story to the exclusion of everything and everyone around me. Wreaks havoc on my other endeavors.

I have several authors I follow that have books that have just come out or are about to come out, unfortunately, finding them at a discount is more difficult. We'll see how things work out as I try and lengthen the time it takes me to read each book. I read entriely too fast for my budget.

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