Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Well, life has been challenging and things keep going wrong, but I'm leaving for Arizona today for the holidays and so I will leave behind the problems with my house and vehicles and focus on having a good time while away. For those of you that have been following my trials and tribulations, I did get my new washer and dryer yesterday, but the installers broke the valve that brings the water into my house, so we've been without any water since yesterday afternoon. :-( Nothing like making those final hours of preparing for a big trip exciting! And of course, we return home just in time for the next long holiday weekend, so we have a plumber coming today to fix it.

I've decided to go the zen route this trip. Less is more. I don't need to bring the full nine days worth of clothes, I'll bring enough to get by and do laundry while I'm there. It'll make the trip easier, especially since there are five of us traveling. I'm getting out our santa hats and I'm determined to shift into holiday mode.

Plus, I'm sure I'll find lots of neat things to spark my writing imagination on this trip. I've been to Arizona a couple of times, but never at Christmas, so this will give me a totally new look at the holiday and how it's celebrated in a warmer climate. I love the chance for researching a new area and I expect I'll use some of what I find in a future story. Does anyone else take advantage of their family travels to do research for your writing?


raine said...

No, but the novel idea of being in a warm climate for Christmas sounds HEAVENLY. ;-)

BernardL said...

Stuff breaks in threes, so you've had the truck break, laundry break, and now the plumbing. You should be break free for a while. :)

Marta said...

Hi, Virginia Lady,

I'm guessing you're away for the holidays, but I wanted to mention that you won the copy of Lynsay Sand's next novel, The Accidental Vampire! Congratulations!

Please email me with your address (marta at martaacosta dot com) and I'll have your prize sent to you.