Friday, March 28, 2008

Status of 2008 Goals

I thought I'd check in on how my New Year's Goals are holding up. We're a quarter of the way through the year and I must admit to faltering on a couple. Okay, maybe a few. But not all. No, I have kept to some of them.

First- Posting on my Blog at least once a week. Well, I haven't quite made that, but I've come pretty close. Close enough I think.

Second- Finish laying my back walkway pavers. I'm well on the way to completing this task. Progress has definitely been made. I have gotten the gravel base down and the sandy paver base material, now it's just a matter of setting the bricks in place.

Third- Cut spending and reduce debt. Well, spending has definitely gone down and therefore debt as well, but it can't go away fast enough for me, so I will continue to plod on and resist the temptation to dine out or purchase that new pair of jeans that I can live without.

Fourth- develop a budget for clothes and things. Um, well, uh, moving on...

Fifth- Go to bed earlier so I can get up to write. Well, I'm halfway there. I am getting to bed earlier, but I'm not getting up to write. Getting a good night's sleep in my house has been a challenge between allergies, odd noises, power outages, travel, and animals. But I haven't given up on the goal.

Sixth- Eat fresh fruit daily. Hmm, well I haven't made it daily. (I'm not counting orange juice) but I have increased my intake considerably.

Seventh- Clear out old hobbies. I DID THIS ONE! I still need to double check the attic, but I've eliminated most of the hobby materials I had been collecting. Woo Woo! Of course, we still have so much other stuff that you can't tell anything is gone.

Eighth- Workout 3x a week. Okay, this was a REALLY optimistic goal. Not sure I can ever make it happen. but I am up to twice a week, usually.

Ninth- Eat less Fast Food. EASY! DONE! I had been dining at fast food joints about once a week. Now it's more like once a month. Woo Woo!

Tenth- Photos into a scrapbook. No, I haven't done this yet. And no, I haven't admitted that this should be another one of those hobbies I should get rid of. It's too new still.

Eleventh- Bake cookies with the kids. DONE! More than once a month even! Woo Woo! Now, onto Easter Egg Coloring...

Twelfth- Lose another ten pounds, well, I've actually done half of that. Not that I'd recommend my diet plan. I was sick for a bit. No, don't recommend that one. But it has brought me closer to the end goal.

Thirteenth- Keep my desk half cleared off. Woo Woo! Doing that! It does take some planning and a determination I haven't bothered with before since the whole family dumps stuff there.

Fourteenth- Creating a work area for my eight year old. Okay, my bad. Not done at all. Need to move this one up the list.

Fifteenth- Crocheting the afghan for same eight year old. Um, I know this looks really bad, but we do make cookies and things!

Sixteenth- Paint my living room. I blame my husband. I cleared and spackled one wall and he said he wanted to redecorate the room if we were going to paint. Of course, we aren't anywhere near ready to do that yet. We're big planners, it takes us a while to actually DO. I may paint one day while he's at work anyway.

Seventeenth- Finish all 3 of my current WIP. Hmm, I need to review and edit, and um, no they aren't all done. I am working on it.

Eighteenth- Keep submitting my 1st novel. I am doing this. Just haven't gotten any takers yet.

Nineteenth- Edit my '07 NaNoWriMo. Well, I haven't done much with this one yet. Not sure where I'm going to start to be honest.

Twentieth- Get an Agent. hasn't happened yet, but I haven't quit and I'm not going to.

So, how are your New Year's Goals/Resolutions coming along?


BernardL said...

You have a great list, and it looks like you're making progress in all the areas of real importance. Keep plodding on the reduce spending and debt. That's the only way it ever disappears. I know what you mean about animals. Our old cat has decided to start head-butting me at 3 AM every morning. :(

Jennifer Shirk said...

Well, my personal goals area all being met. YAY!
My writing goals aren't doing as well. BOO!