Monday, April 28, 2008

Motivation from your Friends

Getting feedback from others on your writing is a good thing, even if what they say isn't as positive as you would like. For one thing, after they've read what you've written, whenever you see them they'll ask you about your writing and submissions. It's like having someone peering over your shoulder to remind you to keep working. This past weekend I had a few of my friends ask about my writing and how things were going and since I've been struggling with actually accomplishing anything lately I felt a little like I had been playing hooky from work and I had been caught.

Surprisingly though, it's helped me get back on track. I'm writing a synopsis for one piece and preparing to submit it, and I'm doing the re-write I needed to do on my first book. There's even another story brewing about in my head, but I haven't let it out yet. I'm giving it a little more time before I put it down on paper, so to speak.

Those extra eyes reading what you've written can also help you see if you've left out something critical. Sometimes when we write we may be a little too close to the story and not realize we've left out a description or a background or even a particular conversation or phrase. A fresh look from friends, writing buddies, or whomever you trust to read your work can enlighten you to those kinds of things, before you submit it to an editor or agent. After all, a more finished product is what we want to submit even if we know they're going make lots of edits and changes.

So I guess the message for the week is to let the people around know what you are doing and let them help encourage you. You never know when a few comments will shift the creative juices and get you back into your groove. Now, I'm back to my regular writing and editing. Have a great day.


BernardL said...

I agree with you; and to me, any feedback is exceptionally helpful. If you have confidence in your writing, you'll always know to take what others say in stride. Launching a new writing project, when a new idea comes to mind, helps me in everything else. It allows me to take a break from other WIP's, and lends excitement when I get bogged down. Good post.

Virginia Lady said...

Thanks for stopping by Bernard and thanks for the praise!

Bernita said...

So true, having them spot the things that aren't there and should be is gold.