Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My 2008 Resolutions

Well, as 2008 comes to a close I wanted to review those New Year's resolutions I made for 2008. Overall I'm quite pleased with the results though they aren't perfect. I did have a lengthy list of resolutions, so not quite completing them all isn't so bad. Here goes.

•Post on my blog at least once a week

I managed to come pretty close on this one, certainly good enough, I think.

•Finish laying my back walkway pavers

I did complete this one and even managed to get the cinderblock wall behind the path painted with one coat of paint.

•Continue to cut spending and reduce my short term debt

Well, this got messed up by tenants that stopped paying and won't leave. Though I did reduce our spending considerably.

•Use a budget to buy my clothes and accessories

I skipped buying stuff for me for most of the year. Maybe I'll try for this one again next year.

•Go to bed earlier so I can get up and write when the kids are getting ready for school

Still not happening, but I am getting writing done almost daily. The change in my husband's schedule sort of forced me to discover coffee houses as a place to write during the day.

•Eat at least one fresh fruit daily

I have to admit that I was doing really well with this for most of the year, but these last couple of months I haven't been quite so good. Got to work on it, it's still not a habit.

•Clear out all the stuff from hobbies I no longer do


•Workout 3 times a week at the gym

Too ambitious. I do manage twice a week though. Yea me!

•Eat less fast food.

Definitely do this. I'm down to only a couple times a month and then it's only because I hate to cook.

•Actually put a couple of years worth of photos into a scrapbook

Another one to try for another time.

•Bake cookies or some fun thing with my kids every month


•Lose another ten pounds

Done, even with the holidays. Amazing how stress is a great weight loss method.

•Keep my desk at least half cleared off

This was working about half the time, but now I've relinquished my desk to my husband so it's off my list as well.

•Finish creating a work area for my 8 year old in his room

I almost had this one done and then the holidays came along and we ended up storing stuff in his closet. Once the holidays are done, I plan on finishing this one. I have been searching for a desk for him, but it looks like we'll be building something custom.

•Crochet the afghan I promised my 8 year old

Hmm, still not even close. It has been started though.

•Paint my living room

As I mentioned in my last update, this one's on hold until my husband finishes replacing the windows in the room. You can see procrastination is a family habit.

•Finish all three of my current WIP

Done. I even have a synopsis written for them.

•Keep submitting my 1st novel to get it published

Still doing this.

•Do the editing on my '07 NaNoWriMo book


•Get an agent

Still trying for this one, but then aren't we all?


Charles Gramlich said...

Sounds like you made incredible progress on an extensive list. Lana told me last night she made a resolution 14 years ago to never make another resolution and it's the only one she's ever kept.


SQT said...

I'm impressed. I'm pleased with myself if I can manage to make headway on one resolution. Of course, it would help if I wrote them down and kept track of them.

Chele said...

You did great. I don't make resolutions. LOL! HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope the year ahead is a good one for you and your family.

Rick said...

Happy New Year's, Virgina Lady! After reading how well you've done with your resolutions, I may try a few of my own.

BernardL said...

Happy New Year, VL, you did wonderfully well.

laughingwolf said...

too much, i'm tired just from the reading ;) lol

my resolve: be me, just a tad less cranky... esp at the kids! :O

Virginia Lady said...

Charles, thank you. This is actually the first time I've made a list and kept it up. I'm thinking that Lana may have the right idea though.

SQT, posting the list on my blog and reviewing it quarterly made all the difference.

Happy New Year to you and yours, Chele!

Happy New Year, Rick, I do feel a great sense of accomplishment for having done this, but it did require a lot more focus than I am usually known for.

Thank you, Bernard. Happy New Year to you and yours.

LW, that's a good resolution. I highly recommend a shorter list than I did last year.