Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My 2009 Resolutions

For 2009 I'm cutting back my list of resolutions. Last year's list was a bit long, I think. It didn't seem like it when I wrote it, but as the year wore on and I did the quarterly reviews I realized I had been a tad optimistic. Here goes.

1) Lose another ten pounds (more would be nice, but I'm being realistic here)

2) Finish my son's afghan

3) Complete one scrapbook from the materials and photos I have ready and waiting to compile.

4) Play a game with the family at least once a month.

5) Create a work area for my youngest son in his room.

I know many people avoid resolutions like the plague, but I like the idea of setting goals and this is a good time to start new ones.


spyscribbler said...

A game with family! I love board games! I get about one game a year from DH, which disappoints me. I'd play every night, if I could!

Scott said...

VL, the only resolutions I made are to finish my book and get an agent to sell it for me. If I can do that, the rest ought to be cake...I think.