Monday, July 20, 2009

Writing and Life

I've done a lot of writing in the last six months or so, though little of it appeared here. Sorry about that, but life has been busy and my muse was insistent. Not sure how marketable any of it is, but I'm sending it out anyway. I think it's good and hopefully so will someone else. I've written a few short stories and two novels in the last six months. That's a lot for me. Heck, I would imagine it's a lot for just about anyone, but several other things took a backseat during this time.

I've been catching up on house projects, a lot of clutter that has accumulated over these months, and a few personal projects as well. Like this blog. It wasn't a conscious decision to not do all these other things, and it's not as if all I did was write. We had a busy Spring with our young Baseball players. A teenager playing in one league and umpiring in another meant a lot of driving to and from events since he doesn't drive yet. Plus, my youngest was playing Little League and my husband coached. Plenty of activities almost everyday between them all. It was rare that we didn't have to go somewhere on any given night of the week from late March through late June. We had a blast though and I took some awesome photos of both boys pitching and batting during their games.

Summer looked like it might give us more time, and I'm sure it did, somewhere, but I was on the move almost constantly and still didn't get to work on this blog. Fall of course means back-to-school and Fall baseball, and this year we had the added activities of a new Marching Band Student. If you've never been closely associated with High School Marching Band, you have no idea how much time it can take. Prior to school even beginning there was a three week band camp that started early in the morning and went into the evening most days. Once school began the practices lightened up to only 3-4 hours a day four days a week. Oh, and every other weekend they went away for at least a day to compete with other marching bands somewhere in the region. So that meant Saturday's were booked.

Of course, once Marching Band ended in November, I made a valiant attempt at National Novel Writing Month, but alas, I fell short by about 20,000 words. Oh well, I did make progress on a project, but my focus was all off for writing. Our holiday season was different for us since we had a record snowfall the weekend before Christmas and managed to get over 20 inches of snow that stuck around for a month. (For those of you in colder climes, my area may see a huge snowfall, but the weather warms within a couple of days and the snow disappears before it gets to be that ugly black dirty snow on the sides of the roads) This time it stayed unmercifully cold for weeks. I'm not sure we broke the freezing mark there for at least a couple of weeks. Very odd for the DC area.

So now it's January 2010 and I'm going to try and keep things current and post with some regularity, though perhaps not daily as some do. I'll be checking in on other's blogs as well, and maybe evening taking the time to post comments again.

See you all in cyber space!


Charles Gramlich said...

wow, that's pretty productive. Far more productive than I was in that time. Good luck with your submissions.

Virginia Lady said...

Thanks Charles!

Anonymous said...
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BernardL said...

Your projects were substantial and I'm sure enjoyable. Throw in the progress you've made writing and it's been a great time.