Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Trials and Tribulations

As I previously mentioned, there are several vehicles in my household. All of which require tires. This can really put a dent in ones wallet. We should get a frequent buyer discount at Tire Rack for all the tires we've purchased and will be purchasing.

When the Mercury Grand Marquis entered our drive, we knew it needed tires, badly. And after a harrowing night many many years ago involving an accident and less than ideal tires, we're a little particular about tires for our vehicles. So we purchased new tires for the car and had them installed locally. Cheaper than just going to the local tire shop, but still not free.

Then we acquired the Miata. It had two good tires and two not so good tires. Well, it isn't a daily driver car for us, so we just decided we wouldn't drive it in bad weather for now and we'd buy new tires in another month or so. That is until the Marquis's thermostat went bad and we needed another car. And even that wouldn't have been so bad except that while changing the thermostat we had a little accident with the intake manifold cracking. Ouch! Fortunately, we found an excellent set of slightly used two year old snow tires for the Miata already mounted on Craigslist.

Last summer we purchased tires for our Corvair Wagon, a month or so ago we purchased tires for the Marquis, this month we purchased some used snow tires for the Miata, next month we'll get new tires for the Miata. Oh, and our Neon needs new tires as well, though not as imminently as the Miata. And we're looking at getting another 'Vair on the road this Spring, and since it's been parked for years, it needs new tires as well. Maybe I should get a job at a tire place.

Since my husband does the work in our carport in his free time, the repair of the Marquis actually took several weeks. Plus we've been experiencing unusually cold weather. We also needed a car for my seventeen year old for several days because of his schedule. So the last couple of weeks have been an interesting dance of who's driving what, when, and where, and where do you park when you come home so you don't block anyone in?

Fortunately, all vehicles are back on the road now, and apparently just in time for some real snow. We got our typical ice snow mix last night, but the forecast for tonight is six to ten inches of snow.


Charles Gramlich said...

tires have been a bane for me the past few years. My car goes through them like a kid goes through sneakers.

Virginia Lady said...

I have enough vehicles that the frequency of replacing isn't that often for any one vehicle, Charles. It just so happens our timing for adding vehicles to our collection and getting vehicles back on the road has made things painfully expensive lately. :-)

BernardL said...

I had to purchase a new No Mar manual tire machine, because to do repairs on the Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems you have to be able to get at the sensors in the new ultra fancy rims without damaging them. I've paid more attention since to tire prices. You are so right. A new set on a late model vehicle run $700 and up.