Thursday, February 8, 2007

Too many distractions

My writing has been going well, my main story is now almost 50K words. But I've found that when I get stumped on what happens next, I end up surfing other writer's blogs, or agent's or whomever. These are all very interesting writings and many have helped me to brainstorm ideas for my story, but they are all very distracting. They become a procrstinating toolwith the falsehood of 'helping' my writing or teaching me new and different things regarding writing and or publishing.

I need to allot a certain amount of time to reading some of these blogs and try to avoid adding to them when one of them enlightens me of another one. These blogs and other articles eat away at my day until I am left with almost no actual writing time accomplished.

Is this a problem for others? Do you have a criteria for choosing which blogs to read and which to ignore?

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