Wednesday, January 24, 2007

When the characters change the past

Well, as I write my latest my characters seem to want to change their pasts. I find I am having to rewrite earlier parts of the book, something I didn't expect to do until it was done and I was in editing mode. How to incorporate those changes has got me questioning whether to allow the characters to control the story this much or not. Do I force them back to the way things were already written? Do I make the changes and alter huge sections of text? It's a definite roadblock that I need to traverse. The question is how?

I wasn't expecting these kinds of changes and it makes rewriting earlier parts harder. It's amazing how much of the story is affected by small details. I'm sure I will figure out a good solution, but I would much prefer to keep moving with the story. Maybe I will just keep getting the story out and later on I'll adjust what needs to be changed. That might save me from making alterations multiple times.

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