Friday, December 15, 2006

25K words isn't close to being done

Well, I haven't blogged for a while for many reasons, but the main one has been I've been writing. This is a good thing. I had a rush of stories and have written over 25K words for one and 10K for another. Now, here I am, back on the Blog. Yes, that means I'm at a difficult point in both books.

I've been avoiding dealing with it by doing everything else, and there are plenty of other things to do since it's December. I've even tried finding new books to read, but I'm left feeling unsatisfied, even with my favorite authors. Which of course means I really need to write. I can't get anywhere beyond editing on my stories, so here I am blogging away.

I did enjoy Janet Evanovich's book on writing that she co-wrote with Ina Yalof. It's entitled "How I Write". It is fun and easy to read and gives great insight to aspiring writers. Her regular refrain of telling the aspiring writer to 'just write' led me to here. At least I'm putting words down instead of doing laundry or organizing my bookshelves. This might be the step I need to get back into the groove of my current story. I've actually gotten it past the dreaded 20K word mark and I'm pushing 30K. This is considerably better than I've done with any other attempts.

My next plan is to follow Janet's advice and to actually schedule my writing time. It seems the best time for my household is early. I start getting kids up at around 5:30, one at a time and by 8 the whole house is usually up and half are gone. I think I can get in a solid two hours if I can get myself up and stay up at 5:30. Currently I get up, wake my oldest and head back to bed, get up about 45 minutes later and wake the next, and so on. The main problem is I am not a morning person. I can stay up all night and keep going til about 10 or 11, but getting up before say 8:30 is not my first preference. But I figure if I have keep getting out of bed to wake children I might as well get up and be productive.

We'll see how that works. Starting Monday. I may even keep the pattern up through the winter school break if it seems like it's working next week. This schedule might even help me stick to a work out schedule at the gym. I can write, get everyone off to their respective places, then head to the gym for a quick workout, and get back in time to write for at least an hour before lunch.

Does anyone else have a schedule for their writing? What works for you?

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