Thursday, August 31, 2006

School's Summer break almost over

Well, August has been packed with activity and now I am welcoming September and hoping it will be easier. First off, Thanks to Melissa for comments on my writing. I really appreciate it. I haven't actually edited it at all. That was what came out as I was writing and since I'm not finished, I have a hard time going back and editing along the way. Once it's done, I'll make revisions, but I couldn't resist making a few of the corrections you offered. :-) Thanks.

Right after my last post, I headed off to Florida for the annual Tupperware convention. I had a great time! Visited Pleasure Island and Epcot before the conference started, now I really want to go back with the family. The Tupperware conference was good, lots of new ideas and new programs. Great new products and I'm actually trying to earn the trip to NYC. Since hosts can get over $300 in products for only $10, I should be able to get a good start on it.

Once home, I decided the way to keep the kids from killing one another, now that camps are all over, was to keep em busy. We've been to the local rec center pool a few times and down to DC to tour twice. We've also gone to the park batting Cages nearby to work on their batting. Of course, they've also gone on many bike rides throughout and that has helped wear them out. In between, we've managed to make sure they've finished the summer reading they needed to do and that has been great, giving me a few minutes to type out the story that I was writing while on my trip. I'm about half way caught up on my typing. I wrote a lot while away. Really made me wish I had a small laptop that I could have brought along.

We're hoping to go camping this weekend, but Ernesto, or what's left of Ernesto, may cancel those plans. Camping is not fun in 4-5 inches of rain. I go for fun. We'll see, not going to make a final decision until Friday.

School starts next week, but the just-before-school meetings and such are wearing me out this week. I can't wait for classes to actually begin! Thanks again for the comments, I'll post a smaller excerpt next time.

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