Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Drafting of a Query Letter

Now that I've finished a book and I'm ready to try and have it published I need to compose a query letter. Who would have thought that writing could be so difficult for a writer? I've looked at sample letters and read a variety of books and blogs that give great advice, but still I find myself struggling with writing a simple letter.

To be honest, it's not just the query letter that is messing with me. It's the 'brief synopsis' that I need to compose as well. How do I write the basics of my story in a brief synopsis? I was never good at that in school either. I recall high school english classes where I would ace the spelling, vocab, even the actual writing, but when it came to writing a synopsis of any story, I struggled.

I suspect it has to do with actually being a writer. I tend see all the details and I see them as important to the whole. This makes it difficult for me to not mention them in a synopsis, but of course, you aren't supposed to mention all the details. So, then I need to pick and choose which ones are the most important and that is where I stumble.

I suppose it is one of those things that just requires practice and perserverance. Eventually if I work on it long enough I may actually get good at it.

No, probably not. But I'll keep trying anyway.

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