Saturday, September 20, 2008

Reading, Blogs, and Life

I love to read. In fact, I love to read so much it tends to get in the way of other things, like writing. I can read pretty quickly so I always think I can take a few minutes and read this book or that article, but before I realize it two hours have passed. And it's even worse now with the internet and all the wonderful blogs that are out there. I need to prioritize my blog reading somehow and keep everything else going as well.

I've found some very thought provoking posts that are inspirational to my writing and so instead of getting the household duties done, I'm sneaking in writing time to get out the ideas that are flowing through my head. Thus a vicious cycle ensues. Read blogs, write, read blogs, write. At some point I realize I have to get dinner on the table and I sigh in aggravation at the interruption and produce a dinner for my family, but my mind isn't on the task at hand. It's still thinking about what I've read or what I want to write.

I really need to find a better balance, but there really are a lot of cool sites out there. And look, there's another interesting comment from someone. I'll think I'll check out their site!

And so it continues...


spyscribbler said...

Oh, it's tough. The internet is a double-edged sword. I'm not reading books as much. I'm distracted. I just don't know. I struggle with this balance all the time, but blogs are a bit of a social outlet for me, a way to connect with other writers.

I downloaded a timer that goes off every 50 minutes and let's me take a 10 minute break. 50 minutes work, 10 minutes blog. Except it has a snooze button. So it becomes 50 minutes work, 30 - 40 minutes blog.

LOL. Can't win! I'm tryin', though!

Charles Gramlich said...

I know exactly what you mean. It's hard to draw a balance. I'm finding it pretty hard to keep up with as many blogs as I do these days though.

Virginia Lady said...

I think all we can do is try, Spyscribbler. I like the timer idea, but I'm not sure I'd follow it either.

There are a lot of good blogs, Charles, yours included.

BernardL said...

Reality always has trouble competing with fiction, although on many occasions, it is just as strange. :)

Virginia Lady said...

You have no idea how true that can be, Bernard. Our latest oddity is something you read about, not actually experience. I'm hoping it's over soon. I can do without the stress.